Thursday, September 10, 2009

Learning with video games

I have recently seen more and more educational tools that are integrated within video games. 360Ed is just one of the recent ones I have seen. This 360Ed game focuses on US History. The Economist recently featured an article about Quest to Learn, which is a video game that totally redefines the educational paradigm of students. It integrates subjects into domains that combine math and English, English and social studies, and game design and digital literacy. As education seeks to engage students, the application of video game and multimedia technology to interactively engage students is reaching new heights. While research is still being conducted, the root of hands on learning and engaging students in ways that motivate them to learn for themselves continue to lie at the heart of these initiatives. What are you doing in your class to engage your students in innovative ways? How do you make learning fun and make students want to know more?


  1. This may be a bit out off topic but I'll give it a try...

    To help people interested in learning with video games, here's a new tool for educational video game may be handy...

    In November 2008 as a speaker in the serious games category of the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS) 2008, I presented the results of my doctoral dissertation on educational video game design. I believe that the research and creative methodology of my dissertation can be very useful in school, extracurricular (museum, cultural centre, etc.) and business contexts for equipping art, science and technology trainers, facilitators and instructors and such professionals in other fields conducive to the use of educational or serious games. I also believe that the web site presenting my work might be useful to your professional community working in game art & design, educational video game development, research and promotion.

    Here is the link to MIGS 2008:

    And the link to the Web version of my dissertation:

    I am available to answer your questions or to collaborate in the development of your professional and research community.

    I was also wondering if you do have in mind a name that you could refer to me as someone who would be interested with this specific subject?


    René St-Pierre
    M.A. Communication
    Ph.D. Art Studies and Practices

  2. I recently ran across this article on Edutopia which relates to the topic and student engagement as well...