Friday, October 8, 2010

To connect or not?

As I make more posts in coming weeks, you will probably see many take aways from Kathleen's visit. One take away I had related to connectivity. I know that there are times for laptops during class and a time to close the lids. However, my assumption has always been that students are connected when they are using the laptop. We use a lot of GApps so this makes sense in many regards. Korea also has fantastic internet. However, at the same time, I see a high value in turning off the wireless with purpose. We need to help students stay focused and avoid distractions. Turning off the wireless when they are working with local tools is valuable. Other strategies like full screen mode can be helpful too.

The bigger picture issue is creating an environment conducive to learning involves many aspects that we often take for granted. As I walked away from Kathleen's 2 day visit, I feel much more aware of these areas and look forward to talking about them with teachers to enhance their classrooms.

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