Monday, October 11, 2010


Bangalore, India. Yes, check out the people passing by. This is a new Polycom unit donated as a thank you gift from Simpson University. GSIS is a host to their Master's program for international educators. I have found that although I am very comfortable participating from a distance via phone or skype, others in meetings are often less comfortable and as a result, the meeting is not as effective. As videoconferencing grows in popularity even through common programs such as Skype, comfort levels are increasing.

This Polycom unit will open doors for us to connect to various locations around the world and access resources in a very clear and effective communication method. We have already talked to colleagues and partner schools around the world about ways we can use it to increase collaboration and expose students to new learning. It is exciting to see this technology reachable for our PK-12 students. We look forward to expanding this implementation to include more collaboration between TCIS and GSIS in the future. It is exciting to implement new tools that we know will enhance our learning environment.

If you have resources to suggest or want to connect with our school, please leave a comment...

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