Friday, March 18, 2011

A 21st Century Learning Space

What does that look like and what does it "do"?  I believe our 5th grade students at GSIS benefit from a 21st century learning space.  Although a late add-on to our existing building, it facilitates the learning we desire in students.  We have walls that can open to create more open space and combine the 2 classrooms.  The setup is very flexible for collaboration and interaction between the 5th grade sections.

Within the classroom, students can collaborate, produce, create, present, etc. We have a cart of Macbooks that are accessible to students to create a 1:1 opportunity. We have interactive whiteboards. We have teachers planning and collaborating together.  The physical space facilitates many different learning activities and options for students.

It's exciting to have such an excellent learning space where students are engaged daily.  The space supports the curricular goals and the engages students authentically in an inquiry-based learning experience.  As a whole, I wish we had more spaces like this in our schools...

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