Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Simplifying Life - Part 3

So I've talked a lot about prioritizing in the last few posts. I have also talked about managing life and getting organized. For some people, it is easier than others. If you visit my office, you might question if I'm really living this out. Yes, I am...but we can't make wholesale changes all at once. I've started in my bedroom and spread out to my home. I've also gone to work to work on my computer and making sure I am digitally organized and "de-cluttered". That is still a work in progress. My office will come...but baby steps.

Substantive and sustainable change requires manageable steps
that match reality with theory.

My office is down the list. Just wait and see...

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  1. I am a bit worried about the purpose of many people now-a-days seeking to simplify life. A think a lot of it is focused on the self (I will have more time, I will feel less stressed, I will ...). Which is okay, but I believe it tends to be an unbalanced perspective. Also I think there tends to be a bit of worshipping of effieciency in our society. On the other hand, there are a number of really worthwhile references dealing with simplicity and Christianity. Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline gives a good introduction to this topic. He also has written a whole book on the subject (Freedom of Simplicity). Another good book is "Heaven is not my home" which mentions the importance of play (something that is not usually seen as effecient).
    All that being said, I really like the Zen habits blogged mentioned earlier; and basically one of my biggest passions in life is organization.