Friday, October 16, 2009


Several people have asked me about Things which I referenced in a recent post. I really like its features. I used to use Checkoff, but like many task lists, the list just got longer and longer. It easily became too big to identify priorities.

In my opinion, setting priorities is where Things really helps me manage life.

Features I really like:
  • Viewing Today tasks with the ability to drag & drop to shift list and set priorities for the day
  • The Someday category which allows me to stick projects in a future to-do list area and knowing that it is not always popping up yet be there to review at any point
  • Tag tasks so they are easily searchable, inclusive of setting priorities
  • Manage multi-step projects by allowing me to prioritize and set dates for certain steps
  • Drag and drop files into specific tasks (doesn't actually store the file but rather a shortcut to it)
  • Scheduling tasks for certain dates and re-prioritizing tasks as needed to prioritize correctly
  • Set custom shortcut keys so I can copy and paste information in quickly and easily
  • Very intuitive interface so little learning curve in utilizing features
  • Logs completed tasks so I can refer back or see what I have been doing with my time
I'm not trying to advocate that everyone go out and buy Things for their task list. It may not work for you. But perhaps the features that I like will help you think about how you are using your task list and what kinds of features you should look for and utilize to help you prioritize and manage life.

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